Ayuda para las Gileras de Stephen

Nos escribe Stephen, buscando ayuda para unas Gileras

Hello, I’ve been searching for any information the two motorcycles shown below and I noticed you wrote a book on Gilera motorcycles from Argentina.    I’m in Australia and Gilera’s are fairly rare here but these two have come up for sale and I am quite tempted.

– The red bike is a 150 Autostrada and fairly complete but with a strange seat and muffler.

–  The silver bike might be from Argentina….perhaps a 200 GT (??).  The louvered right-hand cover seems to point in that direction as some Argentinian Gilera models appear to have that feature.    That said, the front forks and wheel appear to be ‘odd’.

Anyway, I’d appreciate any help with identifying the silver bike, in particular.


Steve Lamb

Melbourne, Australia.


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